Event: Watch Oro and join the cry for justice for Caramoan massacre #mmff2016

This is one movie you should watch for a cause if you care about our fellow Filipino small scale miners. According to Irma Adlawan playing as Kapitana in Oro, the real story did not even make it to the news and the emotions of the people who witnessed the crime are still raging and calling for justice. Directed by Alvin Yapan, Oro stars Joem Bascon, Irma Adlawan, Mercedes Cabral, Sandino Martin, Adrian Labos, Sue Prado, Cedrick Juan, Biboy Ramirez, Ronald Regala, Timothy Castillo, Tracy Quila, Acey Aguilar and Sunshine Teodoro about the tragedy of a mining community in Caramoan province. Produced by Feliz Film Productions, the movie will show the intricate details mining gold in its true form.
When asked what these respected indie actors learned from participating the cause, almost all of them answered that they did not realize how difficult it is to get gold and grew much appreciation for the hardwork and the simple joys of these miners in Caramoan. It was an unforgettable evening joining fellow bloggers interview the cast and we should support the cause by watching Oro in MMFF2016.
I wonder what type of reactions we'll have after watching the film. The movie reminded me of Leonardo di Caprio's Blood Diamonds sans the drug mule factor. If we watch the film, will we still buy gold? What would be best to help our fellow Pinoys in the same industry? Let us support Oro starting December 25 in cinemas. For more information please visit https://www.facebook.com/oroformmff2016/