Event: Vice Ganda's Thanksgiving Dinner; The Super Parental Guardians now a 250M gross at the box office

A truly happy person exudes joy and shares it to others. We need a Vice-Coco humor especially these days of lamenting over the political turmoil confusing the public majority. We've met Coco Martin, Awra and Onyok last week before the showing of Star Cinema's phenomenal box office hit The Super Parental Guardians which did not make the cut for this year's MMFF. Coco was hopeful  recognizing his child wonders Onyok and Awra who complemented also his best friend Vice Ganda's attitude in parenting in and out of the big screen.
When Coco finally mentioned what to watch out for in the movie, he mentioned with such fondness how he appreciated the ending. The Super Parental Guardians directed by Bb Joyce Bernal is definitely incomparable to the late Wenn Deramas films but had made a mark on its own successfully bringing noise of laughter in cinemas. I had to watch it with friends yesterday to witness how the ending was an unforgettable to Coco.
The standing room crowd at SM North The Block cinema was already filled with cracks of laughter at scenes of Arci strutting costumes from ribbons to black ensemble at the funeral. The story was simple yet reflective of Filipino parents  these days, unconventional, dysfunctional, neglecting yet resolving at the end. It was that Family Day which in reality is often also neglected and abandoned by many parents unaware of their children bullied in schools that brought concern and indefinite laughter at the theater. Vice as Arci tried to be the guardian realizing what the kids needed more like a real mom in the movie transcending in real life when Vice revealed at the Thanksgiving dinner last night that Awra will indeed spend Christmas eve with him and the family.
What I saw gave the beautiful circumstance that drew crowd to theaters proving that you don't need to make it in the MMFF cut to bring the Christmas tradition of bringing the family to theaters was the sincerity of Vice, Coco, direk Bb Joyce Bernal shown in the movie. Vice was sincere and he brought it in the last scenes with Coco and direk Joyce corroborating the wacky spectacular scenes. It was so sincere that you'd crack at Coco's off-key notes and Vice's side comments. The Super Parental Guardians is a must-watch especially these days of confusing drama in the Senate. The movie shows a family not ideal but real, cares and dotes owning responsibility when it was needed most. No wonder it's already at 250M gross and may soon hit 750M because it's really funny without being cocky. Vice is really happy for the love and he gave back. Thank you Vice Ganda and EJ Salut! The Super Parental Guardians is now showing in cinemas! For more info please visit www.facebook.com/starcinema and follow @starcinema on Twitter and Instagram.