Event: Ronnie Alonte's #KiligKingConcert is on Dec17 8pm at the Kia Theater

The handsome and sweet Ronnie Alonte stepped out of the Hashtags for a while promoting his Kilig King Concert on Dec17 at Kia Theater last week at Packo's Grill and Restaurant.
He will be performing his signature dance moves with special guests sure to bring the kilig in fans. According to Ronnie, he was surprised how he got tagged out of a scandal video and how his face was photoshopped in a nude photo because he is using the opposite hand and he has too many tattoo in the body compared to that guy. Let us not miss Ronnie on December 17 8pm at Kia Theater. Thanks to Dreamstar Events for the invite!  For tickets please visit  https://www.facebook.com/dreamstarevents/