Event: DHA, Prebiotics and Probiotics in new Nido Protectus3+ #NidoProtectusMommyCarnival with Sarah Lahbati and Baby Zion

#CheckMoMuna #CheckTheLabel mommies! This hashtag may have been used by teens worried about relationship status but it was originally the campaign of the new and improved Nido Protectus 3+. Now with DHA, Prebiotics and Probiotics, Nido Protectus3+ ensures the nutrients a toddler needs at age 3-5 years old. At the Nido Protectus3+ Mommy Carnival held at Century City Mall last Saturday, mommy bloggers and kids enjoyed a fun Saturday of games and surprises in the event hosted by Bettina Carlos of GMA.
 I was with my sister Aimee and her daughter JLo who is one happy Nido Protectus3+ baby. Upon hearing the explanation of what DHA, Prebiotics and Probiotics benefits, my sister was relieved and happy sticking to her choice of feeding JLo with Nido Protectus3+. 
It takes 4 tablespoonful of Nido Protectus3+ to get the desired nutrient it promised. Nido Protectus3+ celebrity endorser Sarah Lahbati and Baby Zion joined the fun games and activities towards the end of the program. For more information, please visit https://www.facebook.com/nido3.nidofortigrowPH/.