Event: Derek Ramsay is Xyruz in Regal Films' The Escort, opens Nov2 in cinemas

We all get judgmental sometimes obesrving people at first glance. Derek Ramsay joined the bloggers last week promoting Regal Films' latest sexy drama film The Escort. With Lovi Poe and Christopher De Leon, Derek Ramsay plays the character of Xyruz, former escort-turned-businessman who hires Yassi(Lovi) to be the receptionist.
Derek shared to us how he took care of Lovi during the love scenes and led us to excitement sharing the progression of three love scenes in the movie. I joined the Red Carpet Premiere and met him with the cast at Trinoma last Thursday directed by Enzo Williams.
I did not expect the character of Xyruz to be one that'd hit me hard realizing how he was left by his real mom in the church. I had so much awe at Derek sharing his thoughts and reflecting about our culture of escorts different from others. Derek as Xyruz made me think how many abandoned children learned to struggle and survive in the society. Regal Films' The Escort dares to explore a world most often heard from chatrooms. The movie teaches us more importantly what happens to abandoned and shows us which particular circumstances will lead to let go and lose our moralities. Don't miss The Escort showing on Nov2 in cinemas rated R-13 without cuts by the MTRCB.  For more info visit https://www.facebook.com/RegalEntertainmentInc/