TOFARM Film Festival opens its doors to aspiring filmmakers on its 2nd year

On its 2nd year,TOFARM is continuously creating a name for itself as it opens up opportunities, not just for the aspiring filmmakers but also for its very own subjects and story inspiration, our kababayans in the agricultural sector. But guests were also in for a surprise as Dr. Milagros How, Executive Vice President of Universal Harvester Inc., officially announced the opening of its second leg.  Young, fresh and now - these are the words that best describe the theme for this new run. While the first year was focused on giving the public a glimpse of the farmers’ plight, for year two, TOFARM looks forward to the future. With the theme “Planting Seeds of Change”, attention is channeled to leveling up the agricultural sector by merging the traditional to the modern, in thinking process, strategies, lifestyle and cultures. It now adds a chapter to that story of our farmer’s everyday realities as it tackles goal setting and plotting of a dynamic vision for the whole industry. Farmers and members of similar communities are now left with a challenge to ride with the fast changing lives of Filipinos, fluctuating supply and demand, overnight trends to name a few. The overall landscape is shifting to something more demanding that can only be addressed by creativity and innovation. The agricultural sector should be able to adapt to this.  Similar to last year’s exercise, a total of six (6) film scripts will be selected by the Festival’s screening committee. Each would be earning a 1.5 million pesos grant that they can use to put to life their vision. The Best Film shall receive Php500,000.00, 2nd Best Film at Php400,000.00, 3rd Best Film to bring home Php300,000 and for the Special Jury Award, Php100,000. All these cash prize plus the iconic TOFARM Film Fest Trophy will be brought home by the winners. Other awards await. Everyone is encouraged to send in their entries until November 18, 2016. TOFARM Film Festival is a project pioneered by Universal Harvester Inc., to ignite the agricultural revolution in the country through a more entertaining and creative medium, film. This is a brain child by Dr. Milagros How, Executive Vice President of UHI with award winning film director Maryo J. Delos Reyes. For more information about TOFARM Film Festival, visit or check out their facebook site TOFARM Film Festival Philippines. For inquiries you may send an email to