Event: Lessons from Barcelona A Love Untold and KDKN Solidarity Appreciation Night with KathNiel

Parents make promises they don't usually keep. It was hard to forget watching Star Cinema's latest blockbuster Barcelona A Love Untold after KDKN Solidarity Appreciation and Dinner  last night at ABS-CBN. KathNiel supporters gathered for an Appreciation Night with Mommy Min Bernardo, Mommy Carla Estrada, Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla at ABS-CBN Center Road last night celebrating 5 years of the loveteam.
After the dinner and program, we proceeded to Dolphy Theater to view the film. I thought it was the usual predictable scenes showing the love story of Mia(Kathryn) and Ely(Daniel) as it opened how the two met in Barcelona. Mia was the typical teen with struggles similar to my students. Like them she struggles to win the heart of her father who once said words that will haunt her from an incident in school. It was her father's expectations that led her to circumstances bound to failure. Meeting Ely(Daniel) gave her the inspiration to keep going.  
Ely lost his spirit keeping grudge against mom played by Maria Isabel Lopez. That scene with no lines visiting mom to say sorry and handing his animated story cd  "Not Yet" suddenly made my eyes cried buckets of tears. It reminded me of the choice I once made instead of leaving the country years ago. Mia and Ely's pain would not have led them to strive hard working if there were no parents with such high expectations. We breed the same teens today and the movie should remind parents to be careful when children disappoint them. We have to be reminded to keep uttering words of insipration to our children. Teens should also learn how to wait just like Mia and Ely. Kathryn and Daniel have shown their best to inspire others to love in the right time. Finally, the right time for a kiss was in the proper time after the long wait. Barcelona A Love Untold is a perfect movie to teach our kids and parents that love is indeed a decision more than a feeling. Thank you KDKN Solidarity and StarCinema for a night I will never forget. May all parents teach the value of forgiveness and patience to wait. For more information please visit www.facebook.com/starcinema and follow @starcinema on Twitter and Instagram.