Review: Unexpected extrajudicial feelings at Viva Films' Camp Sawi, now showing

I did not expect crying hard over a simple scene of Bela Padilla. Maybe it's that extrajudicial feelings that had been repressed for so long believing I have completely moved on from a heartbreak. I joined fellow bloggers at the premiere of Viva Films' latest romantic comedy Camp Sawi starting Andi Eigenmann, Kim Molina, Arci Munoz, Bela Padilla, Yassi Pressman and Sam Milby. Directed by Irene Emma Villaflor with direk Bb.Joyce Bernal as creative consultant, Camp Sawi movie led me to focus not on the camp or the chase of the camp master Sam Milby but the stories of the ladies who booked to move in in order to move on.
Kim Molina's dark character may seem scary from her shady and scary experience but the gloom turned to laughter when a catfight was about to unfold between Bela and Arci's characters. I loved how each scene was true to every woman's struggle to cope during heartbreak and true to its humor having all these ladies with their baggages in one camp. I cried laughing at Arci and Bela being drunk and pinning Sam Milby to be in the same bed but I also cried of sadness remembering my own pain while seeing Bela Padilla's tears running from her eyes, effortlessly. It must've been the same pain or that I have completely immersed myself on her character having no closure with Dennis Trillo. Camp Sawi pinched every scar I had left from my own closet and I must say this is one movie worth watching more than once. In the end, I wanted to sing Regine's Dadalhin performed well by Kim Molina after the movie. Don't miss Camp Sawi with Yassi, Arci, Kim, Bela, Andi and Sam now showing in cinemas nationwide. For more information visit