Event: Matteo Guidicelli teaches how to use SunLife Prosperity Card #Money4Life

Give your loved one a SunLife Prosperity Card. SunLife Philippines launched its SunLife Prosperity Card last Friday at B Hotel Quezon City. With their newest brand ambassador Matteo Guidicelli, I learned the value of investing and sharing the brighter future easy with the SunLife Prosperity Card. 
Targeting the millenials of today who value life's pleasures more than securing a better future, SunLife Prosperity is one convenient card to be purchased and given as a gift to anyone. With a minimum value of Php5000, recipient of the card can choose which to invest by registering thru SunLink (SunLife Asset Management portal). 
At the end of the day, I was fortunate to win a SunLife Prosperity Card. Thru SunLink portal, I was able to choose where I can start investing. Grab yours via www.sunlife.com.ph now! Follow @sunlifeph on Instagram and Twitter for more updates.