Event: Celebrate love watching That Thing Called Tanga Na starting August 10 in cinemas!

 Love wins all the time. It's time to get out of stress starting August 10 in cinemas watching That Thing Called Tanga Na by Regal Films. Directed by Joel Lamangan, That Thing Called Tanga Na stars Eric Quizon, Martin Escudero, Kean Cipriano, Billy Joe Crawford and Angeline Quinto. At the movie's blogcon last Thursday at 38 Valencia Events Place, Billy, Kean, Paolo Gumabao, Lawrence Yap and Angeline Quinto shared memorable experience shooting the film.
The cast also shared gratitude to gays for the growth of their career with continued patronage and expressed high regard for favorite gay personalities they adore. When asked what their favorite gay lingo/expression is, Angeline shared "syokot" and "erna" while Kean shared the evolved gayish of a popular curse in Filipino.
Discussing the movie with the bloggers without disclosing details of spoilers, the cast hinted how their characters were connected imploring the effective ensemble of comedy. I am already excited how their characters will prove significant in the end. Let us all laugh and love understanding more gays around us watching That Thing Called Tanga Na showing Aug.10 in cinemas. For more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/RegalEntertainmentInc/