Event: Funny and romantic AlDub at #IYAMBlogcon, Imagine You And Me in theaters on July13!

Love wins all the time. I joined AlDub bloggers yesterday at Relish Restaurant discussing their latest movie under APT Entertainment and GMA Films "Imagine You And Me" with Direk Mike Tuviera, Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza. It was my first time with Maine and my second with Alden. I was curious how the two became a phenomenon until I've witnessed them candid and cute as a loveteam yesterday.
When I asked them and direk Mike Tuviera what their romantic fave movie was direk Mike mentioned my fave classic "When Harry Met Sally" and Maine said "Serendipity". In between the responses, out of sheer curiosity, Maine was hilarious trying to play wash-and-dry the cloth table cover with Alden which caught me laughing so hard. Now I have a better understanding why they are well-loved by fans- they both exude natural antics that are spontaneous and really funny. 
Though Maine admitted being pessimistic at her performances as an actress, she's completely pure at heart simply wanting to make people laugh and believe in love. Denying the claim that it will gross more than a billion in the box office, they all professed making the film to simply thank the viewers for their continued support. Let's all witness the magic of AlDub without the dub and believe in "Imagine You and Me" in theaters nationwide on July13! I hope we are all responsible Filipinos this time not sharing the full movie on Facebook. Support Filipino movies! Watch it in theaters on July 13!