Exploring My Path To Financial Freedom by @avidalandph

It takes will and discipline to be finally financially free these days. I took the challenge of exploring my path to financial freedom from the personalized planner brought by friends from Avida Land Corporation last week. Reading the booklet that came with it was the first step and the ultimate decision to compute my expenses and assets came the toughest.
I used to keep the balance not on specific amount until I got this planner which also allowed me to attend to my financial obligations. From computing my assets against my liabilities let me plan my yearly goals and bucket lists. The keyword that enlightened me was "specific" which helped me compute measurable, attainable and time-bound goals for the year.
After using the calculator that came with the planner, I was able to plan in specifics my goal to where I should spend my next vacation. The planner also inspired me to explore other sound investments I didn't realize can better help me secure a better future.
I learned how important is every peso I spend and I learned to be more conscious of the small indulgences I take every single day. As they say, spend less than you earn and keep the ball on securing more investments. Breaking down all those expenses and miscellanous spendings helped me become more conscious and protected. Thank you Avida Land for teaching me how to be financially free and happy. Now that DepEd is going to include financial lietracy in the basic education curriculum, I am more confident to share my learning experiences through this Avida Land Planner. For more information, please visit www.avidaland.com and https://www.facebook.com/AvidaLandPH/