Event: Ryan Bang invites you to #LikeLoveFollow

Our favorite Korean PBB comedian is truly passionate in promoting Philippines to the world. After the successful "Shopping" single comes a new crazy song from the loveable Korean mainstay who's so proud to speak Filipino. StarMagic's Ryan Bang is getting more invites and rave reviews after singing his first Tagalog song "Like Love Follow" exclusively distributed by his own Skinny Fat Boy Productions. 
We talked to Ryan last Friday at Dong Juan reflecting his career path and his dreams as an icon aside from being the regular host of It's Showtime and Banana Sundae. He shared how much he wanted his life featured in MMK and now ready to take on serious roles. Ryan will also be guesting in KBS and other international shows promoting the Philippines after his huge following on YouTube. When I asked him where his genuine laughter is coming from, he simply said he kept being himself, laugh when it's funny and cry when it's sad without exerting effort. I love how the opening of #LikeLoveFollow will give you a good feeling and it will surely leave you laughing til the end. I hope you get to share your life lessons on MMK Ryan and keep smiling! Thank you StarMagic Philippines! For more information, please visit https://www.facebook.com/starmagicphils/