Review: The only child's fate and the liberated in Just The Three Of Us

Nobody will make you happy but yourself. I went on a movie marathon yesterday escaping the heat of the summer but I've been imprisoned at the thought of children abandoned by parents. At the 3rd heartbreak losing a chance to have a family, Uno rose from sulking at his misery because of a friend. Tyson(Ketchup Eusebio)'s line to Uno(John Lloyd) became the wakeup call in Star Cinema's latest romantic flick "Just The 3 Of Us". I loved the strength of Uno confronting his father. Those of the same fate should pick-up the fact that he kept living to pay back the efforts of those who raised him. With CJ Manalo( Jennylyn) being pregnant gave Uno a chance to define a new reason to keep going. When you think the movie is about unwanted pregnancy, you'll reflect more on Uno and how many abandoned chose to succeed. He could've been swayed in the wrong direction and ended up being a felon. He had all the reasons to give up in life but he chose to live. Maybe Uno(JLC) is what our hearts' hope for those abandoned. The character of Uno choosing to act on his misery and the character of CJ(Jennylyn) choosing to keep the baby against all odds reflect our hope as a country. I wanted CJ to admit she chose to make that mistake. We want our liberated women to learn from CJ and keep no secrets to the family although their expectations were beyond measure. Maybe we wanted our men to be like Uno who will choose to do the right thing. The movie made me laugh and cry so hard at the same time. I walked out of the theater with a big smile recalling JLC's promise that the ending was different. Just The 3 Of Us is different. It narrates yet heeds a cry of hope for those abandoned and failed. It leaves you a beautiful thought that you have a choice to turn things around, just like what Uno(JLC) and CJ(Jennylyn) did. After all, every moment is a choice. Just The 3 Of Us is now showing in cinemas nationwide!