Event: Modern Girls' Sam Oh, Denise Laurel and Gretchen Ho starts May28 on LifestyleTVph

Girl talk springs more issues than what's trending. What is everybody up to these days can now be viewed at Lifestyle TV PH's new talk show Modern Girls featuring Sam Oh, Denise Laurel and Gretchen Ho.
The media launch hosted by Walter Demesa was like watching the three women with different personalities yap like their episodes on Modern Girls. It was fun listening to each of them share views about the social and trending issues of the day. I had an interview of each on which they would like to achieve first, slaying the runway of Cannes Film Fest or winning Best Actress in the same event.
All of three would like the Best Actress trophy first because there will always be a runway to slay anytime. Jaclyn Jose's victory as Best Actress did put the country in a whole new level of prestige in acting. Let's hear Sam, Denise and Gretchen talk about more of what's ahead starting May28 9pm on LifestyleTVph. I hope they all talk about rainy blues for the girls since the rainy season has started. Love your life now at LifestyleTVph! For more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/lifestyletvph/ and follow @lifestyletvph on Instagram and Twitter for more updates.