Event: #LoveMeTomorrow Media Party

Everybody deserves a chance at love. Star Cinema's latest romance comedy Love Me Tomorrow held a media party with the cast led by Dawn Zulueta, Coleen Garcia and Piolo Pascual. Directed by Gino M. Santos, the fun coming-of-age movie also stars the Titas of Manila (Carmi Martin, Ana Abad Santos, Marnie Herrera Lapus) , Maxene Magalona, DJ Eva Ronda and Mica Javier with one of the writers G3 San Diego.
Mica Javier and DJ Eva Ronda play the role of Janine (Coleen)'s friends who will meet JC(Piolo) in the bar. It was also first time for Maxene Magalona (as the daughter of Dawn) to work with Piolo Pascual (JC) and she realized the immensity of the ultimate hearthrob being the most handsome and kind in the industry. Maxene shared her own realizations after playing the role of Jessica. 
One of the writers G3 San Diego shared how the story was conceptualized during the popularity of the "Titas of Manila" responsible for an old-school middle aged woman hooking up with a young handsome DJ. The story becomes exciting with more characters joining the romance of Christy (Dawn), JC(Piolo) and Janine (Coleen).
Who will end up with Christy and who will JC choose in the end? Star Cinema is set to teach life and love lessons again in Love Me Tomorrow showing May 25 in cinemas nationwide. For more information, visit www.starcinema.com.ph and https://www.facebook.com/starcinema and follow @starcinema on Twitter and Instagram for more updates.