Event: Energen launches Healthy Breakfast Movement

We eat what is available more than what we should. Busy moms have no time preparing for breakfast for the family giving what's conveniently available than taking time to prepare that will complete the required 7 servings of fruits and vegetables. Energen, the leading cereal and milk drink launched its Healthy Breakfast Movement campaign at MRB Compound, Commonwealth Quezon City yesterday. Moms and families gathered in a day of fun-filled activities plus a zumba class with Rochelle Pangilinan.
Those who participated buying some Energen packs had a chance to win motorbikes, LED Tvs and 50,000 cash. Energen Marketing Manager Greg Anonas with Phil.Association  of Nutritionists Dr. Gemiliano DL Aligui and Regulatory Officer Joan Sumpio led the toast to "Sabayang Almusal" as part of the Healthy Breakfast Movement. Energen contains milk, eggs, cereal, essential vitamins and minerals such as folic acid, calcium, Vit A, E, B1, B6, and B12 to complete nutrition and energy. It is indeed what every person needs to stay healthy.
I had a chance to interview Dr. Aligui regarding the increase of severely wasted learners in our school and asked how we can address this health concern. If anemia is another alarming number in the health report, feeding may not suffice the health program of these severely wasted students. According to him, deworming and proper nutrition using the DOH's RENI ( Go, Glow and Grow) foods are still essential to help ease the problem of malnutrition. After the event, I have a better understanding of malnutrition because of Dr. Aligui and Energen
Deworming should also be done to adults according to Dr. Aligui. I hope those who care also join me in bringing Energen Healthy Breakfast Movement in schools. The said movement will also enjoin Cebu City at Brgy Tinago Sports Complex on May 21 and Davao City at Davao City Recreational Center Almendras Gym on May 28. Energen is available everywhere in ginger, vanilla and chocolate flavors at Php6 only. For more information please visit http://www.mayora.com/international-market/philippines/.