Event: ChongKi, the boys and girls with Betong and Janice in Regal Films' I Love You To Death

ChongKi isn't drugs but EnChong and Kiray loveteam in a horror-comedy I Love You To Death. It was a rainy set visit at QC last Wednesday with the newest cute loveteam ChongKi (Kiray Celis and Enchong Dee) in Regal Films' romance comedy called I Love You To Death. After the success of Love Is Blind with Derek Ramsay, Kiray Celis stars in another funny romantic horror comedy film this time with StarMagic PH's hearthrob Enchong Dee. 
Enchong had grown more muscles and sexier which he said was because of his new gymn routine. Kiray remained the same funny and happy lady who gags at little things. Working with Enchong wasn't the first time but as leading lady, she was overwhelmed at how fast scenes were done with Enchong. Enchong was the kind Enchong we've known, gentleman and caring. Though Kiray blurted that Enchong eats a lot, she was thankful to Enchong for the kindness and thoughtfulness. We all say these promises of I Love You To Death when we are in love which co-star Janice De Belen also said. 
We talked to the boys of I Love You To Death; Paulo Gumabao, Nico Nicolas, Christian Bable and Dino Pastrano. They are all excited shooting the film and shared how easy and comfortable it was working with the team.  The girls of I Love You To Death, Devon Seron, Trina Legaspi, Michelle Vito and Eat Bulaga's Foreignay Shine Kuk shared giggles and fun discussing the scenes and their fascination with Enchong. What was cute during the interview was some of the boys asking who the girls find attractive among them. It was a rainy, giggly and romantic fun chat with the young ones.
Finally, Betong and Janice entertained us with their insights about the film. It was like how we all watch them on TV, funny and spontaneous with such wit and humor discussing the concept and their own takes about the film. Janice said the young ones these days are too many that they have to compete to be noticed comparing her experiences shooting films in the 80s. Betong was also overwhelmed working with Janice again and since they have not shot scenes together yet, they have none to say who was outstanding and which particular moment was memorable. I Love You To Death of Enchong and Kiray with this hilarious cast is slated to show on July. For more information, visit www.regalfilms.com, https://www.facebook.com/RegalEntertainmentInc/ and follow @regalfilms50 on Instagram and @regalfilms on Twitter for more updates.