Event: A new set of funny pack at #FunnyKaPareKo starting April 3, 7pm at #CineMo #SkyCable, #DestinyCable

The funny pack arrived. Mr.Alex Calleja from It's Showtime have observed Queen Mother Karla Estrada and Bayani Agbayani with Jayson Gainza gag and thought of having the funny bunch of the show Crazy Duo and No Direction in one show. ABS-CBN's TVPlus' CineMo channel head also agreed to finally launch an original sitcom to feature special guests. I joined fellow bloggers and media watching the first week's episode of Funny Ka Pare Ko at Trinoma last night with the whole cast: Karla Estrada, Bayani Agbyani, Jayson Gainza, Beverly Salviejo, Mar Lopez, Jesse James Ongteco, Manuel Chua, Walter Ballinan, Ryan Rems, Crazy Duo and No Direction.
 We've witnessed the cast do spontaneous banter on each others' responses and kept the whole crowd cracking in laughter. Funny Ka Pare Ko is a sitcom about a family running a carinderia to make ends meet dragges by extended family issues as father Lolo Boy (Mar Lopez) forgets he signed an agreement to Ninang Lolit (Beverly Salviejo). Ryan Rems joins the pack as boarder of the carinderia to reveal his talents in a made-up show by the family to raise Php200,000 to pay debt to Lolit. 
The show reminded me of Home Along Da Riles showcasing issues common Filipinos suffer to survive in the city. What's even funnier to watch out are the lines in the banter of Karla Estrada which we've all observed to be her nature. Funny Ka Pare Ko is one funny sitcom you should not miss starting April 3 7pm on CineMo (ABS-CBNTVPlus, SkyCable and Destiny Cable Channel). For more information please visit www.abs-cbntvplus.com