Event: #NCFDaywithKathryn #NCF pays gratitude to Kathryn Bernardo

It costs Php200 only to sponsor 5 antibiotic ointments for 5 patients at Noordhoff Craniofacial Foundation Philippines and I believe we can do more than that to make this world a better place. Teen Queen Kathryn Bernardo was given a surprise post-birthday celebration by the patients of NCF organized by StarMagic Philippines yesterday at KFC Quezon Avenue branch.
Kathryn became NCF's ambassador following her continued sponsorship of cleft lip and cleft palate patients since she started at StarMagic Philippines. The kids with their mommies prepared a heartwarming song number followed by rose and gift-giving sending all of us in tears. 
Before the kids finished singing the Teen Queen couldn't help but cry and appreciate the gestures of all including the NCF staff and relatives. During the interview, Kath shared her utmost gratitude to the fans for providing her enough funds to sponsor more kids. She only thought of helping appreciating her blessings by sharing some to the patients. When asked what else she believes these kids need, Kathryn said "acceptance and believing in their potentials as a person". 
Once again, I was at awe at Kathryn Bernardo definitely grown more mature and selfless. Please have a look at the amount you can actually spare to help NCF in the country.
Indeed, your acknowledgment of these patients and efforts to help will change the lives and the future of our cleft lip and palate patients.
Please visit http://www.ncfphil.org/ and https://www.facebook.com/NCFPhil/ or call 742-8748 for more info.


  1. Indeed a worthy cause for a few pesos per child but a lifetime of positive acceptance and confidence in their abilities. Kath is truly a role model. At a young age, she is able to convey the importance of this mission, in order to reach all of young children with craniofacial conditions. These children need speech therapy as well as play therapy. Older children who would have undergone some form of trauma, bullying, discrimination need help in being able to learn to cope with these struggles. Parents and families require support to continue intervention and treatment. Kath and hopefully DJ will continue this endeavor for a long long time. It is up to most of us to contribute whatever we can to help one child at a time.

  2. Anonymous11:06 AM

    More Blessings Queen Kathryn a good person inside and out God Bless


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