Event: The millenials and their choices in Single/Single CinemaOne continues #Season2

What makes the millenials different today? We've discussed the emerging issues of the youth today as Joee and Joey's love story continues on Cinema One's Single/Single at 9501 Restaurant yesterday. In collaboration with the leading newspaper Philippine Star who's set to air the episodes online via PhilStarTV, Single/Single takes the journey of millenials to a new level.
With Joey (Matteo Guidicelli), Joee (Shaina Magdayao), Bryan Sy, Anna Luna and director Pepe Diokno, Single/Single Thanksgiving Press Conference entertained the media's curiosity of the show's second season. Never The Strangers band performed providing the beach mood sounds the show visited this month. 
Joey Boy (Matteo) and Joee Girl (Shaina) may have parted ways in the first season but will definitely cross paths again in the 2nd season. Starting May 15 on Cinema One channel, the 2nd season of Single/Single will air new episodes.
After each episode Francis Kong will provide practical advice on "How To Adult" in The Philippine Star's Business Lifestyle section. It will also be available online via www.philstartv.com starting May1. For more info please visit https://www.facebook.com/singlesinglec1/ and follow @singlesinglec1 on Twitter and Instagram for more details.