Event: An Afternoon with Sen.Gringo Honasan

Use "and" instead of "or". These words may seem simple but it speaks of what we should all say when we refer to our fellow Filipinos. We give them a choice more than we enjoin everyone in every mission for the country. This expression I've learned from Sen. Gringo Honasan will stay in my heart forever. I've learned more of what our former Senator Gringo Honasan advocates in helping build our nation as a Vice-President candidate for the May 9 elections yesterday with fellow bloggers.
While the country contemplates on what Mayor Digong said about rape and its hullabaloo in the internet and too many were disheartened by the VP candidates, very few took a second thought on what Sen. Gringo Honasan said in the last VP debates. He takes the point of view of a grandfather who's after the security of his grandchildren's future and not the politician. Like what he said, "I'm a better soldier than a politician". While many stayed mudslinging and focused on criticizing the more popular candidate, he kept his stand expressing his love for this country in a view incomparable to all. When asked how we should explain what the Vice President role is to children, he described it as a co-pilot and not a successor.
He was willing to serve and respect the vox populi stressing the importance of all of us to be involved. While interviewing him, I couldn't help but cry at the moment he explained how he empathized with some of the people who may have traveled 6 hours just to see him holding his hand and never letting go. It was that moment that he described how the grip of the hand was too tight understanding that too many of our fellowmen rely on the politician for hope that their lives will be better. He knew then how much responsibility was on his shoulders being one of the candidates for VP in this country. Sen. Honasan was firm focusing on every action that will benefit the youth.

If it will not benefit the welfare of the kids like his grandchildren, it is not of national importance. His words were just too sincere and I knew then I've found a sound opinion about who we should vote for this coming elections. I loved how he stressed that the implementation of K-12 should also not overlook the nutrition of the early graders. They should be fed well to think well to adapt to the new curriculum. As a teacher, I share the same sentiment and cause to push for a better nutrition to learners. Thank you Senator Honasan for the opportunity to understand your position on our national issues. Thank you for the inspiring afternoon I will forever cherish and share forward. I've developed more love for this country because of your leadership. Please do not miss watching my interview and his thoughts about the important issues we should teach the youth of today. For more information please visit http://www.gringohonasan.ph/ and https://www.facebook.com/Gringo.Honasan and follow @gringo_honasan on Instagram and Twitter for more updates. Volunteer to help build a better nation now!