Event: Love your planet, your country and yourself at #DianaStalder now with #TheGreenMan

It had to be a German to make me realize why I should love my planet as much as I love my country and myself. I joined fellow bloggers attending the Summer Treats of Diana Stalder Cafe Gateway Cubao and celebrating Mam Dina's birthday last Tuesday. Just in time many of us are headed to the beach complaining about the heat, The Green Man Mr. Matthias Gelber made me realized we all contribute to that heat much stronger now with global warming seeping in the season.
Every second we waste enough energy like leaving the lights on, overcharging batteries, unplugging electrical equipments (TV, computers, water dispenser), we do not just make our bills soar to its limit but we consume more energy the world suffers. Diana Stalder, the popular skin care and pampering center partnered with the Green Man providing seminars and workshops to get employees to Upcycle (not just Recycle) materials we dispose. 
The small efforts to reuse and recycle helps ease production of more non-biodegradable materials which destroys mother nature. Right after I've learned more of why we should all patronize organic food and materials and right after I've sniffed his organic cotton underwear, we met the newest brand ambassadors of DS - Hashtags Ronnie Alonte and StarMagics's PBB Teen Housemate Ylona Garcia.
Both agreed how important we should consider organic products to help ease the problem of mother nature. We will eventually have laws to implement on going green and organic to help the small farmers and SMEs in the country.
Mam Dina with Matthias were proud to introduce the new eco-friendly products of Diana Stalder for summer, Sunscreen Lotion, BB Cream and soaps that use organic ingredients to help our small farmers in the country. I didn't miss the chance to try their Diamond Peel with Casmara Facial Mask (Anti-Ageing). It is always a pampering treat of massage, facial and enjoying wonderful food and drinks at D.S.Cafe Gateway Mall Cubao branch.
I miss D.S.Cafe's Zucchini Gratin and Fresh Guyabano Juice. All sweeteners used only Stevia leaves to keep fit and healthy. At Diana Stalder you really feel good, eat good and live well. Do visit because you love yourself and you love this planet as much as you love this country. D.S.Cafe is located at B2 Gateway Mall Cubao Quezon City. For more information, visit  www.dianastalder.com and  https://www.facebook.com/dianastalderbydermaline/ and follow @dianastalder on Twitter and Instagram for more promis and updates.