Review: Understanding a Filipino gay inlove in #PareMahalMoRawAko, Michael Pangilinan's first movie

Love should have no gender. It was an unforgettable experience watching the special preview of Direk Joven Tan's Pare Mahal Mo Raw Ako. Starring Edgar Allan Guzman, Michael Pangilinan, Joross Gamboa, Matt Evans and Hopia, the movie narrated a romantic love story of a gay falling in love with a straight best friend. Ana Capri joins the cast with the one and only superstar Nora Aunor playing the mom of EA. It was those scenes of trying to harness efforts to divulge his secrets that made the characters of Joross and Matt significant. The movie that made us crack in laughter every five minutes showed realities of most gay men had been through and they were all, difficult. It wasn't a trying-hard Hollywood movie replica and the conflict in the story was typical yet real. Michael Pangilinan remained the man we all need in this society, adept and sensitive to the feelings of the homo friend (played by Edgar Allan Guzman). The story was commendable in narrating a beautiful love story of best friends and it did succeed in providing an excellent resolution towards the end of the film. I had so much awe at the acting by Edgar Allan Guzman who personified prettt much the majority of gays, continually giving. I guess if all people were similarly articulate and understanding like Michael Pangilinan, there will never be homophobes in this country. What's most exciting to watch was the scene when the two were in the same room, drunk and vulnerable. That particular commendable scene made all of us scream in excitement cueing for a love scene and it was completely clean and romantic. Sometimes, what a person needs is really a simple gesture of care and concern and it is in those simple efforts that conflicts may be resolved. The movie should be watched by our Sen.Manny Pacquiao. Maybe he and the rest of the homophobes will have a better understanding of how we can all understand the feelings of a gay and be eventually, gay and free. Thank you direk Joven Tan and the rest of the cast for reminding me how the Filipino have improved in depicting a beautiful gay movie as a country. Don't miss Pare Mahal Mo Raw Ako showing in cinemas soon!