Review: Beating the "maybe" in #AlwaysBeMyMaybe #nowshowing

May all men be like Jake in Always Be My Maybe. I will never forget what Jake (Gerald Anderson) said in that video. Maybe we wanted the maybe to be a guarantee watching Star Cinema's Always Be My Maybe  Starring Gerald Anderson and Arci Munoz, Always Be My Maybe is a love story of two broken-hearted falling in love. Directed by Dan Villegas, the movie was a hilarious adult type of romance punctuated by the sappy character of Cacai Bautista with Ahron Villena, Ricci Chan, Jane Oineza, TJ Trinidad, Irma Adlawan, Tirso Cruz III, Nikki Valdez, Victor Silayan, Carlo Aquino, Matt Evans, Jairus Aquino and Pepe Herrera. 
The story resembles the plight of manya gullible woman in Tintin. Being a makeup artist of models, Tintin resorts to venting her pains of breaking up with boyfriend via video tutorials. From videoblogs that seem common from the start evolved into hilarious taken-from-teleserye video tutorial of blurting regret and anger. 
Jake (Gerald) had a change of heart which I found truly heartfelt remembering the exs of the actor in controversies about love. Arci Munoz was surprisingly good on the extent of playing Tintin. She succeeded in expressing most women with broken-hearts feel after breakup. Arci as Tintin succeeded also in teaching us how to better approach the next romance with caution. 
The movie taught me to wait and see if a guy deserves a second chance. Always Be My Maybe taught me that labels are not significant. In most cases where most men are not as articulate as Jake expressing his true feelings, we have to be in constant hope that there is love. May all men be like Jake. If not, we have friends to sulk in misery with and enjoy singing with booze to cope. Love is after all, simply giving. Watch Always Be My Maybe now showing in cinemas nationwide. For more information, visit and Follow @starcinema on Instagram and Twitter.