Event: #KirayCelis earns respect as lead in #LoveIsBlind

Kiray showed Filipino moviegoers today that there is no squeaky clean formula for a romcom blockbuster. The lead actress of Regal Films' Love is Blind attributed the success of the film to her co-stars and the perfect story during the thanksgiving bloggers conference at Dong Juan Restaurant last Wednesday. With fellow bloggers, I joined the fun afternoon chat with StarMagic's Kiray Celis discussing her next projects and plans for the whole year.
Many of her friends who watched praised and acknowledged the real "kilig" paired with Kean Cipriano which Kiray did not expect at all. She would rather be a support than being a lead because it pays better according to her. Now that Kiray Celis proved the country she deserves the lead role, many whom she never heard before congratulated her for the movie. 
Kiray has a variety of shoes to fill set to star in a teleserye and another film with a working title "I Love You To Death" tentatively opposite Jerome Ponce. She is one exciting young star the kids today should follow being an obedient daughter supporting the whole family. Kiray is one breadwinner to follow always attending to the needs of the family. When asked what she wants most, Kiray always mentioned- money. She will always be willing to aƧcept any offer just to support the whole family. This is Kiray Celis' time to earn the spotlight and she really deserves it being one of the most talented and most compassionate actresses today. Don't miss Love is Blind, still showing in cinemas nationwide. For more information , visit https://starmagicphils.abs-cbn.com and https://www.facebook.com/starmagicphils/. Follow @starmagicphils on Twitter and Instagram for more updates.