Review: What I Love in #EverythingAboutHer @starcinema now showing in theaters

Some people show they know everything. I came from a day of training how to create instructional materials to focus love of country and contemplated on co-teachers who have the gall to claim they are effective teachers watching pirated pinoy movies via smart phones (yup, piracy has gone digital). The irony lives today after watching  Star Cinema's opening salvo Everything About Her starring the Star For All Seasons Gov.Vilma Santos, Angel Locsin and Xian Lim. Xian Lim playing Albert chose to live with dad as mom Vivian (Vilma) chose to marry her career over family. Nurse Jaica (Angel Locsin) dreams of becoming an OFW so she worked as private nurse ailing for multiple myeloma cancer victim Vivian. The impression that it takes after the movie The Devil Wears Prada definitely disappeared after watching the whole film. The story took me closer to the lines delivered by each character wiping all the idea that it may be predictable. Director Bb.Joyce Bernal got me all looney crying and laughing every single time at the scenes and the unforgettable lines. I am no movie critic to begin with. I am, like Vivian, a mom constantly heeding for my son's attention. Deep inside a monster was a mom and I thought of the monster moms I work with. I will never forget those scenes where Vivian will always stare at Albert (Xian) while sleeping because I still do the same. The movie above all is a story about mothers. It's in constant yearn to articulate repressed emotions we have about our own moms and that message to not waste precious time to articulate we love them. I love the opening lines of Vivian delivering a speech distinguishing a whore from a bitch referring to varied concept of success. I loved Albert (Xian Lim) in scenes finally saying his hate to mom and Jaica (Angel Locsin) bridging that gap with her own hate to her mom. I loved the fiery snarling face of Vivian( Vilma) at Jaica and how it all melted towards the end. I loved the character of Michael De Mesa, Nonie Buencamino, Alexa Ilacad, Khalil Ramos, Devon Seron and Buboy Villar. The bit players made those particular scenes perfect and funny. Just like Vilma's Ekstra, it was in that scene of trying to eat pansit and crying, engulfing yourself with much strength to face that agony of missing the one you love. I loved those scenes that needed no lines. They were just crying and eating pansit but it showed how much we are distinct as a Filipino and I loved it. I hope this movie will not be shared on piracy apps my co-teachers installed. I hope they all learn the value of appreciating movies in theaters. I hope they love this country like I do. I can only hope. It may be expensive for some who gets it free but when you think you're smarter that way, you lose love for this country. Watching our very own film in theater helps our movie industry, increase our taxes revenue, motivates the unsung patriots to keep producing quality films and educates the youth better to love our ingenuity. Please don't pretend you know everything. Star Cinema's Everything About Her is now showing in theaters not in sharing apps please. For more info, visit, and follow @starcinema on Twitter and Instagram.