Event: When the words of Bob Ong come to life in the 3 stories of #LumayoKaNgaSaAkin

Some expressions can not be adapted in movies. For while we appreciate Bob Ong's wit and wisdom in his stories, celebrating the unsung angsts and realities embedded in stories of Lumayo Ka Nga Sa Akin is still worth the attention.  I joined fellow bloggers watching the grand premiere of Viva Films and Heavens Best Productions first film for 2016, Lumayo Ka Nga Sa Akin at SM Megamall last Monday. A trilogy of action, horror and sexy comedy featuring Benjie Paras, Maricel Soriano, Herbert Bautista and Cristine Reyes directed by Mark Meily, Andoy Ranay and Chris Martinez.
The first story Bala Sa Bala, Kamao Sa Kamao, Satsat Sa Satsat featured Benjie Paras as the action star Diego who will try to save his new leading lady Divina Tuazon from the Bandidos. This used to be a fad in the past decades when action scenes was preceded by long lines before hitting the bullet. The second story Shake, Shaker and Shakest is a parody of the famous Shake Rattle and Roll sequel mocking predictable scenes from horror stories featuring Maricel Soriano and Herbert Bautista. It's those funny demon possessions and the quest to find the possessed thing in the movie that made it hilarious. That colorful mobile phone charger suddenly disappears towards the end.
The third story Asawa Ni Marie with Christine Reyes was the funniest for us all. I thought that it was a separate film until last Monday. This parody about the realities of Pinoys patronage to Mexican telenovelas was hyped and very much celebrated punctuated by the knacks of Jayson Gainza and Paolo Ballesteros. The endless variety of spanking of Cristine Reyes and Antonette Taus was really funny yet interesting since it brought no signs of pain in the beautiful faces of Cristine and Antoinette. I loved the last scenes especially the mother of Cristine played by Joey Paras (Aling Minda). The movie also stars Candy Pangilinan, Bearwin Meily, Rez Cortez, Nina Jose, Andrew Muhlach, JM Ibanez, Ryan Eigenmann, Jackielou Blanco and Joey Paras directed by Mark Meily, Andoy Ranay and Chris Martinez. If you need a good laugh, don't miss Lumayo Ka Nga Sa Akin now showing in theatres nationwide. For more information, visit www.vivafilms.com.ph and https://www.facebook.com/vivaportal/ for more updates.