Event: Jericho Rosales' Thanksgiving with the Bloggers

Jericho Rosales was in disbelief when he was awarded Best Actor in MMFF2015. He did not expect to win and his priority to go with his wife in Australia was a thoughtful gift during the holidays. I've learned more about the value of time and definitely appreciated the gesture of Jericho Rosales personally paying gratitude to us bloggers yesterday at 8Cuts Burger and Blends at UP Town Center. With more than 18 nominations and 8 acting awards on his sleeves, Jericho now looks at the bigger picture.
He was all praises to Direk Dan Villegas of Walang Forever who taught him what he was doing wrong making the blockbuster movie Walang Forever. When asked what he will change with the culture of MMFF he said he would rather choose to name it Metro Manila Family Film Festival to set things straight and clear to all concerned. We were able to share our sentiments and thoughts about his character and he was also able to share a private photo of his wife all-red and cried when they watched his movie in the theater. He is already at the pace of his career learning to choose which character will contribute best to improve the movie industry. We even discussed roles and I was able to tell him that he will fit best at ala-Will Smith in the movie I Am Legend.
Jericho was quite adamant at some members of the press with the type of questions thrown at him and we were able to explain how niche and medium affects the type of questions needed for publications. Pitching for catchy heads endemic to that type of tabloid language may definitely offend some and the actors should be given disclaimers to better address them before press conferences. I love Jericho especially in Alagwa and Walang Forever and I can't wait to watch his new tv series and movies for this year. I wanted to say his best song will be Miley Cyrus' The Climb knowing he intends to keep going regardless of what mountain he will conquer next. It isn't the award and the recognition we leave behind, it's your true character that leaves a lasting memory to last a lifetime. Thank you Jericho and StarMagic Philippines for the unforgettable memory. For more information please visit https://www.facebook.com/starmagicphils/