Event: #EverythingAboutXian and his mom #EverythingAboutHer Jan27 in cinemas nationwide

Moms seem despicable sometimes when you were young. Like Xian Lim, my son went through struggles to adjust living with a single parent. I've learned more about understanding the sentiments of my own son listening to Xian Lim during the bloggers conference for Star Cinema's opening salvo for 2016, "Everything About Her". Showing in cinemas on January 27, Eveything About Her features the Star For All Seasons Vilma Santos and Angel Locsin in a light drama about an executive mom going through cancer.
Angel Locsin will play as nurse Jaica who will have to reunite Vivian (Vilma) and his son Albert (Xian Lim). Xian described Albert as one of those ambitious sons who will try to prove his worth to his mom. He narrated a new technique of film making he learned from director Bb Joyce Bernal to be isolated before the shoot which actually helped him better prepare for his character. Previously acknowledged by Gov.Vilma Santos and Angel Locsin, Xian shared how he felt overwhelmed at the kind words given to him. 
When asked how his character was similar to his experiences in real life, Xian admitted some particular instances he also went through disagreeing with his mom's wishes but learned to appreciate the support eventually. We were all in awe at knowing he bought his mom and lola a car last Christmas. What kept me adore him for so long is that particular facial expression he makes I also see in my own son. I am looking forward to his character Albert and what he will actually do to take care of his mom Vivian battling cancer in the movie . I will definitely watch for memorable lines between Xian and Vilma watching Everything About Her starting January 27 in cinemas nationwide. Thank you Xian for the inspiration and your big heart! For more information please visit www.starcinema.com.ph and https://www.facebook.com/StarCinema/ and follow @starcinema on Instagram and Twitter for more updates.