Event: #EverythingAboutHer Bloggers Conference with Direk Bb Joyce Bernal

The problem is not the problem but your attitude towards the problem. This quote shared on social media flashed in my head watching the teaser trailer of Everything About HerStar Cinema's first salvo for 2016 with Gov. Vilma Santos, Angel Locsin and Xian Lim. It actually got me and my friends excited during the MMFF2015 screening of All You Need Is Pagibig last Christmas. I did not miss the chance to join fellow blogger friends attending the movie's bloggers conference with our fave director Direk Bb Joyce Bernal yesterday at the Star Cinema office.
Since it wasn't Direk's first being with bloggers, host MOR DJ Jhai Ho led us straight to the Q and A livestreamed via Star Cinema's Facebook Page. Direk Binibining Joyce Bernal shared how she was excited working with the one and only Vilma in a film about battling with cancer. When asked which character she related in the movie, she mentioned Jaica (Angel Locsin) and her strength to withstand struggles from her own family. Direk even mentioned the scene on vomiting at the expensive bag was her idea and we have more to enjoy watching Everything About Her.
There was no particular special location they used for the film yet she mentioned a particular restaurant where they shot scenes that really serves good food. Transforming an impeccable governor loved by many in real life was unimaginable and she just let the Star For All Seasons play in character to get the co-actors adjust in the scenes. Contrary to rumors, Direk Bb Joyce Bernal was all praises to Xian Lim who prepared well for each scene which Direk mentioned researched well to suit the character of Vilma's son in the movie. Everything About Her according to direk Bb Joyce Bernal is a movie of the four monsters (the 3 characters and cancer) and how they all fought to live with the fourth monster-cancer. I am definitely watching Everything About Her showing January 27 in all cinemas nationwide. For more information, please visit www.starcinema.com.ph, https://www.facebook.com/starcinema and follow @starcinema on Twitter and Instagram for more details.