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Angel is one real angel. With colds and cough, Angel Locsin managed to meet us last Friday for Everything About Her Bloggers Conference. She plays Jaica, the nurse to assist Vivian (Vilma Santos) in the movie. When asked about a particular scene she loved the most, she said that struggle to get Albert (Xian Lim) in the taxi was her own idea. It was a bit scary trying to hang on the windows to get Albert back to mom Vivian because she remembered her scenes in the hit teleserye Lobo. Angel loves action and it was expected that the bloggers would ask next if she will play the new Darna.
She was the most unforgettable Darna we ever saw and her passion to play the superhero fits her personality. Angel is one real angel who pays gratitude to everyone supporting her character in teleseryes and movies. She is one beautiful actress with a big heart. She was also honest saying she can neither deny or confirm playing Darna this year because she will go through surgery because of her limb/slipped disc condition. 
What I loved most in her character as Jaica was that scene asking the whole family to settle down and eat pansit. It needed no lines and she laughed so hard sharing that Alexa Ilacad was a bit sliding off the chair while crying. Behind that memorable scene was the off-cam laughter of direk Bb.Joyce Bernal yet the scene became one of the most loved part of the movie. I love the Jaica who summoned all the Gods and said her last will in the helicopter because she had fear of heights. I love the Jaica who kept getting siblings to reality that Nanay the real mom and the dog will never come back. I love the Angel who personifies the similar strength of Jaica in Star Cinema's Everything About Her. Don't miss it now in more than 200 theaters nationwide. For more info please visit www.starcinema.com.ph and http://facebook.com/starcinema and follow @starcinema on Twitter and Instagram.