Overwhelmed Playing Popoy and Basha, Observant Being John Lloyd and Bea By Wilbur F. Hernandez

With the astronomically astounding success of A Second Chance, not only did John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo prove the cult following their movie screen tandem has, both thespians still very much at the prime of their youth, also make their iconic characters Popoy and Basha come alive.
A Second Chance became a magnetically anticipated cinematic gem when its teaser scene showed the verbal volleyball Popoy and Basha involved themselves in, coming from work obviously in the evening, over some professional problems that only lead to angrier bickering. Followed by their both oppressive silence after they both spewed their anger. This sequel to the 2007 great hit One More Chance, helmed by the same director Cathy Garcia Molina, now shows the pair to be a married couple whose ‘happy ever after’ they perceived seven years after their wedding is now deterred by real life responsibilities. They are now struggling to either compromise with or accept each other’s differences. However being career people in the same field of profession, he an engineer while she an interior designer, trials, tests and tribulations begin to usurp their relationship. Now hitting the mythical 7th year itch and remaining childless, 
Popoy and Basha begin to unconsciously reflect on the changes they are both making. Changes they are willing to accept and face together, or reject and estrange them. In the Victory Bloggers Conference at the Star Cinema offices one late afternoon, John Lloyd observes that after shooting the entire movie he realized that his Popoy has his own flaws his wife and his character will deal with, just as he too deals with his wife’s vulnerable accuracy.“Sa pag-progress na marriage nilang dalawa, yung outcome ng happy ever after nila, nagkakaroon ng burden with their real life responsibilities. So after seven years, ito na iyung pinupuntahan ng pagsasama nila Popoy at Basha. Nari-realize na nila pareho na kung ito ang pupuntahan ng marriage natin sabay tayo. But that does not mean we can fight the bumps easily,” the actor says intelligently. Here, Bea introspects “well, alam po nating tumanda na sila (Popoy and Basha). Hindi na sila ganoong ka-idealistic. Nalalaman na kasi nilang dalawa after seven years of marriage na may mga nadidiscover pa sila sa isa’t-isa. Realistic na si Popoy and Basha eh,” instrospects Bea.
Since One More Chance became an anatomy of a breakup, A Second Chance can be validated to be a maze of real modern marriage. In the inimitably successful sequel that is now raking in over P435 Million in the box office, Popoy and Basha is already a household name. They are like this real life couple who became instantly engulfed by promises of marital bliss and the wonders that continue to come along after their enchanting wedding. But now their optimism and love is threatened to be eclipsed with changes they discover over each other. That is because the discernment they also needed for the future of their marriage was probably and initially superficial, and not profound.“Additional enlightenment ang na-gain ko since I further discovered the new changes Popoy went through,” John Lloyd says. “Very personal and process ng pag-gawa namin sa pelikulang ito eh kaya siguro nabuhay yung dalawang characters.”
Therefore when their marital woes started to dawn though not yet dampen their marriage, the beautiful married couple slowly make incisive observations of their straining present. There. Incisive observations coupled with realistic reflections are what John Lloyd and Bea gave and stated; that eventually showed how much they both learned from playing characters that became enlivened for this millennial modernity. The acclaimed actor and actress admitted they are now defining and thinking very carefully what they must consider, prioritize and be responsible for when they finally decide to settle down with their respective significant others. Becoming more aware that trials, tests and tribulations are always inevitable even before marriage, both actors intimated with smartness their sorted wary and free forethought that can possibly set them both prepared and ready wholeheartedly when they take the marital plunge.“Totoo talaga na kapag nag-commit ka kasi sa isang tao na makakasama mo buong buhay, lahat lahat sa kanya tatanggapin mo. You need not be fearful of marriage pero I admit that I will be very careful of what I will consider and think of bago ko actually desisyonan ang pagpapakasal at magpakasal,” John Lloyd honestly says. From this statement Bea intimates “I did not become fearful of marriage since marami akong natutunan sa pelikula, I feel I became more maingat. I will set my real priorities kapag marriage na ang pag-uusapan.” This ushers to the fact that everybody deserves a chance in marriage. But once we tie the knot, don’t forget to ask yourself if you are capable and willing to love a person who changes every day.