Event: #HauntedMansionMMFF2015 Blogcon with Janella and Direk Jun Lana @regalfilms Dec25

She had to pray before shooting Regal Films' #HauntedMansionMMFF2015 because of previous dark encounters from OhMyG. Fellow bloggers met Janella Salvador with Direk Jun Lana at 38 Valencia Events Place yesterday a few days after the movie's midnight screening. I was scared that I closed my eyes at some scenes and I was worried for Janella being one possessed in the film so I asked her again if there was a post-counseling session after that shoot. According to direk Jun Lana, the mansion in Laguna was really inhabited by spirits so they have prayed constantly to ensure safety of the cast.
I am a horror flick gal and compared to previous horror movies done by Regal Films', Haunted Mansion is one for the books. We were all at awe at the amazing use of lights and CGIs that gave the eerie mood from beginning to end. Janella said she prayed also because she could not afford to repeat what happened in OhMyG where dark spirits was caught holding her shoulders. Direk Jun Lana's experience shooting horror tv series Walang Kukurap helped a lot in creating a perfect horror film for the MMFF2015.
When asked what should we all be afraid of in our lives, direk Jun Lana said "ourselves". "We should be afraid of our choices in the elections next year because that will decide our fate as a country", he added. Direk is reserving tons if story concepts for next year but he's all out believing the Filipino deserve better entertainment watching MMFF2015. Prepare to have nightmares on Christmas and don't forget to watch Haunted Mansion in cinemas. Let us all move to avoid piracy if we truly love our country. We have shown our nationalism with Miss Universe2015 and this is our chance to prove we can help uplift the quality of Filipino movies watching in theatres on Dec.25. For more info please visit www.regalfilms.com.ph, https://www.facebook.com/RegalEntertainmentInc/ and follow @regalfilms50 on Instagram and @regalfilms on Twitter for more updates.