Event: The different voices and talents of #MichaelPangilinan #MichaelSoundsFamiliar

Now with more gusto and surprises, Michael Pangilinan showed his whole heart in music and passion to grow in the entertainment industry impersonating different voices and rendering versions on his second concert Michael Sounds Familiar at the Music Museum last Friday. Just a few weeks after winning 2nd place( 1st runner-up) at Your Face Sounds Familiar Season 2, Michael was all-out singing some of his best renditions and covers from YFSF2.
We couldn't get enough of Michael who was perfect impersonating Adam Levine, Sam Smith and more at YFSF2 and we were clueless that he will be more daring and more passionate this time. It was delightful watching him render versions of Justin Bieber and more during the concert. EJ Salamanca made us laugh so much after his awesome numbers belting and the Sexbomb Dancers dancing with Showtime Hashtags member Nikko. It was Gabrielle C (Garie Concepcion) and her duet with Michael Pangilinan that set the house in screams and praises.
Garie was beautiful and she had completely improved with her experience in theater according to my blogger bestie Jude. She sang one original conposition which to us showed her magnanimous potential as an artist. A few more songs later, we were thrown back to the 80s by guest performer Randy Santiago.
Randy was teased to remove his shades once again and he never let us down. He managed to tease even the mom of Michael and Gabrielle C's mom Grace Ibuna. It was a hilarious segment that may spark tabloids, but to us, was just simply fun. Michael sang with his brother during the final segment and asked him to study harder before pursuing the same career. What was fun during the whole show was that part Michael tried to impersonate local icons like Jaya, Gary V and Vina Morales. I will never forget how he had completely given his heart on that stage singing his popular hit "Pare Mahal Mo Raw Ako". Thank you Michael for bringing more music and inspiration to the youth of today. Please keep that flame burning and keep singing. I love your rendition of JayR's Bakit Pa Ba.