Event: The need for awareness on rape and violence with #AngelaMarkado on Dec2 in cinemas nationwide

Rape victims do not have chances for revenge and more often shy away from justice. Viva Films' Angela Markado will definitely leave a mark among viewers to reflect on the type of rape and violence existing in society today. Set to start showing on December 2, Direk Carlo J Caparas and Donna Caparas' remake of a classic Hilda Koronel will be played by Andi Eigenmann with stellar villains respected in the industry today Epy Quizon, Polo Ravales, Paolo Contis, CJ Caparas and Felix Rocco
It was a fun bloggers conference with the cast of Angela Markado 2015 yesterday at D'Music Hall Metrowalk Ortigas discussing their perspectives on rape and the making of the film. We were astounded at the humility shown by one of the most dignified character actor Epy Quizon who, at this time has not been aware of the public's recognition of his own distinct brand of acting.
Peach(daughter of Donna and Direk Carlo Caparas), also playing the best friend of Andi( Angela Markado) enlightened us on how they have all cherished the moments creating the movie with some of Viva's greatest talents Brett Jackson and Andi Eigenmann.
It was those casual yet serious chat about the social relevance of the film that made me reflect how it can help raise awareness among students dealing with rape victims. It is indeed time for these issues long been kept mum in schools today take the centerstage. The movie revived the character of once popularized by Ms Hilda Koronel was given a chance to revenge and seek justice. When asked if they'd rather choose revenge over justice, most of the actors preferred both but recognizes that the societal norms make it convenient for the ordinary Filipino to resort to revenge just like Angela Markado.
Which is more comfortable to accept for Angela Markado? Let's all witness both watching the new Angela Markado showing on December 2, 2015 at selected cinemas nationwide. For more information, please visit www.viva.com.ph and like https://www.facebook.com/vivaportal/ and follow @vivafilms and @viva_ent on Instagram and Twitter for more details.