Event: @FigaroCoffee's #BlissfulHoliday dishes, drinks, pastries and Christmas gifts

We're counting the days til Christmas and while everyone is in a rush preparing for Noche Buena and Kris Kringle, I'll start with coffee. Figaro, the first Filipino coffee company brings new drinks, dishes, pastries and gift ideas perfect for the holidays. Dubbed Blissful Holidays, we tried the perfect concoction of flavors that reminds us all of the season last Friday at Figaro Tomas Morato. Starting with Hazelnut Cinnamon Latte which may come in Frost with Coffee Jelly or simply that delicious cup of Hazelnut Cinnamon Frost topped with Vanilla Ice Cream to wipe all those fears away. I preferred the hot latte to get my tummy ready for binging. Blissful Holiday dishes include Chicken Galantine Cannelloni (Php189) - Chicken Galantine stuffed in cannelloni pasta with Provencal sauce, Chicken Mushroom Cannelloni (Php189) - tasty ground chicken duxelles stuffed in cannelloni pasta with Carbonara sauce and Chicken Roulade Plate (Php249) - special meaty filling stuffed in chicken breast fillet, breaded and deep-fried to golden brown, served with side salad and pasta choice of Arabiatta, Pesto, Al Tonno or Carbonara.
Chicken Roulade Plate Meal was huge I had to share it with blogger friends and that side salad was perfect to bring out the sweetness of the cucumbers and peppers. The Chicken Galantine Cannelloni was also delicious but I was surprised with the Chicken Mushroom Cannelloni more. It was the tasty mushrooms I guess that made me fall in love with this rich-protein substitute and the thought that it's healthier than meat. Just like every love story with no ending, I had to give it a second chance, a second helping to better savor that tasty flavor. A sip of reality in Hazelnut Cinnamon Frost washed all those memories away and I was ready for the sweet endings.
While reflecting on what ending should've been in a love story, we were served with the Blissful Holiday pastries, Fruit Forest Cheese Cake (Php135/slice), Fruit Loaf Mini (Php70/slice), Light Ginger Bread Loaf (Php55/slice) and Premium Salted Caramel Bar (Php70/slice). It's the color and the glitz of those tiny candy ornaments that gave me the general truth that all endings should be sweet otherwise it isn't the end yet. I loved the sweet and salty Fruit Forest Cheese Cake which gave a whole new flavor to the cheesecakes we're used to, the rum kick at the new fruit loaf in sweet servings to enjoy well with your favorite hot cup of coffee at Figaro and that spicy and sweet ginger bread loaf that reminded me of grandma's gingerbread pastry on Christmas eve. What was most exciting and for me the piece de resistance of the whole dinner was Figaro's Premium Salted Caramel Bar. It's the texture of the caramel bar that's sweet and salty that gets gooey slightly with the chocolate syrup drizzle on top. It was the bite that made me close my eyes to savor the flavors and I loved it. It was the perfect gift I want to bring home for Christmas and it's everything I wanted to bring smiles to the people I love.
Figaro also brings a new set of Christmas gift ideas/merchandise for family and friends. Give or keep that elegant black Vacuum Flask is Php479, Yellow Stainless Tumbler is Php249 and Ribbed Tumbler at Php319. They also have beautiful collectible mugs; Bean Map Mug, Coffee Belt Mug, Mask Mug (Php149/each) and Magic Mug that reveals the coffee bean process from beans to cup (Php209). Figaro's Notebook which you can use as planner or diary is Php229. I loved the Yellow Stainless Tumbler because I can keep my Figaro Achiever's Coffee or Iced Tea in it and bring it everywhere I go but I'm also in love with Figaro's Notebook which I once used while on a holiday writing my passion and adventures while sipping my favorite coffee. It's the love for coffee that kept me in bliss and it was only at Figaro, happy sharing the joys and passion for coffee from the crop to the cup. Thank you Figaro for always bringing exciting dishes, drinks, pastries and gifts for the family and friends! Don't miss your chance to share our very own coffee still opening branches here and abroad. For more information, visit www.figarocoffee.com, like their Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/figarocoffeecompany and follow @figarocoffeehq on Twitter and @figarocoffee on Instagram for more promos and updates.