Event: Wander and wonder at #QC75 #IlikeQC #QCRocks #QCBlogventure visiting #SantuarioDeSanPedroBautista, #SukiMarket and #MaginhawaStreet

#ILikeQC Every space leaves a lasting memory worth sharing. I've been living in QC haĺf of my life and I've realized there are still so many places I never thought existed. In celebration of Quezon City's 75th Diamond Jubilee, I joined fellow bloggers going on a #QCBlogventure last Saturday. First team to arrive at 8am, blogger friends and I embarked on a tour first at Sanctuario De San Pedro Bautista. Our tour guide shared valuable history Filipinos should visit to appreciate invaluable contributions of priest turned saint (San Pedro Bautista).
We wandered around the place which used to be a convent for seminarians in San Francisco Del Monte QC. Tucked in a village with overcrowded neighborhood, the signs outside the main road will lead you to the sanctuary of peace and solitude. The church is still under construction although it had been existing since the 17th century. San Pedro Bautista was the priest who stayed in the place and left for Japan only to be assassinated by crucifixion together with 25 other martyr priests during the 16th century (26 Martyrs of Japan). The Clausura was once prohibited to anyone not wearing the priest's uniform (abito) and the statue in the middle showed you of how it had been witness to the strengths and tragedies through the years. The facade at the back was so beautiful it left us all in awe especially exploring the cave where priests used to rest (Retiro).
The next stop was the famous Dapitan Street's Suki Market. Named the cleanest market in Quezon City, Suki Market showcases everything you need in life especially their famous homegrown brewed coffee beans, sushi rolls in bilao, rice cake varieties and other sorts of knick knacks. You can literally get what you need including pre-packed party food packages to Christmas decors and toys in dirt-cheap prices.
By noon, it was difficult to look for the best place to have lunch at our last stop, Maginhawa Street in Diliman. The streets of Maginhawa to Malingap in UP Village grew more food stalls and restos for exploring in months. There were too many to choose so we opted for what would satisfy the pleasure of the majority-healthy and affordable authentic Filipino food feasts. We chose Ulo-Ulo along Maginhawa Street and found a quaint trip back to the countryside. With bamboo walls and bamboo sink with some details reminding you of home in the province, the ambiance got us more excited. It was a breezy fast-paced chow of the hungry pack enjoying authentic Ilocano dishes; Gising Gising, Adobong Kalabaw, Kinunot, Fried Fish Eggs, Bicol Express and Sinigang Na Ulo ng Salmon.
The day left us with more excitement on more places to enjoy in Quezon City. Thank you Mayor Herbert Bautista for giving us opportunities to explore unscathed places in the city which used to be the capital of Metro Manila - Quezon City. For more information on tours and other places to explore in Quezon City, please visit http://www.quezoncity.gov.ph/index.php/visiting-qc for more details.