Event: Philippines sets a new Guiness World Record for Largest Coin Mosaic #wupinas25

Philippines is officially amazing, again. The country had set a new world country in the Guiness Book of World Records again yesterday at Elements Centris as Western Union Philippines and Technology Aiding the Nation's Youth Acceleratiom Program (TANYAG) was confirmed to have built the Largest Coin Mosaic. In celebration of Western Union Philippines' 25 years of providing excellent remittance services here and abroad, WUPinas25's TANYAG program was confirmed to have mounted 250sqm of coin mosaic largest from the current record of the US by Guiness World Record official adjudicator Jack Brockbank.
25 public elementary schools will be granted 25 e-libraries from WUPinas25' effort to set a new world record. I have witnessed the noble endeavor to make history happen at WUPinas25 celebration yesterday. 
The excitement was priceless instead of the usual benefit show. Western Union Philippines had proven to have given opportunities empowering the nation on its feat to beat the world record. Congratulations Western Union Philippines and please continue to inspire the country to strive harder because the Filipino can and will. For more information please visit www.westernunion.com.ph for more updates.