Event: Marvel at #RegineAtTheTheater on Nov. 6,7,20 and 21 at #TheaterAtSolaire

Regine is back in the concert scene. Set on November 6, 7, 20 and 21 at Theater Solaire, I joined the grand press conference of Regine Velasquez-Alcasid's #RegineAtTheTheater today at Luxent Hotel produced by IMEI Music Entertainment, PLDT and GMA Network.
She had gone a long way performing in different parts of the world and the diva is set to feature broadway theater songs plus more surprises on her concert. When asked if she'll be doing special performances with extra visual effects, she said that the production had been preparing for some to wow the audience. She will not be doing acrobats or performing with harnesses because Regine At The Theater concert will focus on the choice of songs and her versions.
Regine mentioned though that sister Cacai Velasquez is confident on wardrobe because there will be at least 4 designers/cotourier she will be wearing for the concert. She even cracked a random joke saying at least 55 gowns which led me to die in laughter-almost. Regine is one passionate music icon today we should keep patronizing. Her iconic versions, her voice quality and more importantly her passion in lifting the OPM industry should be enough reasons not to miss Regine At The Theater on November 6,7,20 and 21 at Solaire Hotel's Theater. Tickets will not be sold at the venue and they clarified that the nearest to buy from the venue is at SM Mall of Asia so do secure your ticket at SM Tickets. Visit https://smtickets.com/ for details. Special thanks to Regine for the fun and the plates.