Event: Essentials at #Essensu_PH available in FisherMall

I want to smell delicious too. Now it's possible to smell delicious with #Essensu_PH Lifestyle Essentials. I joined fellow blogger friends exploring the different soaps and scents of #Essensu_PH Lifestyle Essentials at FisherMall Quezon City yesterday. In Fashion, Travel, Foodie and Sporty line of scents and fragrances, #Essensu_PH Lifestyle will remind you of all your favorite things in life like gifts and surprises. The cupcake looks good to eat but they are actually soaps infused with essential oils. Just like the name of the store from the Japanese word meaning "essense", all soaps and scents uses natural ingredients and oil to keep the fragrance lasting. 
First of its kind to offer soaps in Icy Pops or Milky Pops (icycle-designed soaps), #Essensu_PH's Milky Pops soaps use goat's milk to keep the skin supple and it's too gentle that even the babies can use them. I'm really happy with the Strawberry Cream Milky Pop soap which retails for only Php109 pesos. They come in smaller sizes too for gifts. That dandy glass packaging with ribbons is #Essensu_PH's hair spritz. Very seldom do we see scents made especially for the hair and the variety is just awesome. I love the Sakura and Mori scents for the hair and body. You'll see the oil separated from the alcohol from the clear bottle and it's advised to shake profusely before spraying to get the fragrance to last in your whole body.
The sporty line is truly for the teens and the boys who prefer light and sweet scents. My most favorite line is the Travel especially the Rome scent. The scent is just too unforgettable with some musk and light woody notes. I am no expert in scents but this particular original fragrance made especially by #Essensu_PH Lifestyle Essentials is just I will definitely buy.
It's different and it's gentle to the skin. I am so excited using #Essensu_PH Lifestyle Essentials. I can't wait to show off my Milky Pop in Strawberry Cream scent to my co-teachers this weekend. They will definitely grab some for the holidays. It's a great Christmas present and it's easy on the budget. The hair spritz with ARGAN OIL is only Php350 in four scents, Mori, Hime, Sakura and Sakaya. I love that it's Japanese concept but definitely a Filipino brand. #Essensu_PH Lifestyle Essentials inspires the youth of today to be creative and be gentle on the skin with lines of scents and soaps sure to make you feel good all day. Grab some of your own choice of soaps, cologne and Hair Spritz by #Essensu_PH Lifestyle Essentials located at the 2nd Level of Fisher Mall, Quezon City. For more information, please visit https://www.facebook.com/essensuph and follow @essensu_ph on Instagram and Twitter for more details.