Event: @angelspizzaph brings #HolidayTreats #HolidayCranberryPizza #AngelsWings

It's the most wonderful time of the year. I'm all excited for Christmas just like the rest of the kids I see watching those dancing lights so I joined follow foodie bloggers sampling the newest offers from Angels Pizza Pasta Combo Makati branch last Thursday. The place had been renovated and it offers more colorful wooden seats and tables perfect for friends and family to hangout after work and on weekends. Then the array of food started coming in first with appetizers, Onion Rings and Potato Wedges(Php119).
Served in a deep dish with ketchup or cheese, I loved the crunch and the tasty flavors of the potatoes and onions. It was in between the chat with fellow foodie friends about the newest trend in social media that the Angels Wings started to arrive. In Honey Glazed, Parmesan Chicken and Smokey BBQ, the pack had a choice to nibble each of the flavors also served with choice of garlic mayo, cheese or ketchup (P199). Some of the pack loved the Honey Glazed and Parmesan Chicken but I prefer the Smokey BBQ. I just prefer tongue-licking spice that'll perk the meal before indulging in the main course. Then, the main attraction arrived served in hand-tossed thin and thick dough, AngelsPizzaPH's Holiday Cranberry Pizza (Php470, Php340 and Php599). It was a heavenly sight of colors and textures and we couldn't wait longer to grab a slice. I had a slice or maybe even two helpings of the thin Holiday Cranberry Pizza - hand-tossed freshly made dough topped with ham, bacon, pineapple, peppers, onions, cream cheese, mozzarella, edam cheese (queso de bola) and cranberry drizzled with honey maple syrup to complete the perfect bite of Christmas.
It was like everything I loved about Noche Buena in a pizza and more because the cranberry drizzled with honey maple syrup gave that sweet and crunchy fruity kick to that savory pizza. I don't need to slice cheese and wrap my fork with ham and fruit to sandwich in that traditional meal we always partake during the holidays, it's all right there in the bite and it's definitely convenient for lazy old people like me. Now I have the perfect food for Christmas and all I need is that bottle of wine to go with it. A few minutes later, the Angels brought us these heavenly dessert of Banana Split, Apple Crumble Ala Mode and Brownie Ala Mode. It felt like the heavens knew what our taste buds were waiting for after that holiday pizza and chicken meal. I had a complete perfect Christmas meal with AngelsPizzaPH and I will definitely choose this instead of going through the hassle of making my food on Christmas eve. Happy Holidays and thank you AngelsPizzaPH! For delivery, call 922-2222 or visit www.angelspizza.com.ph or visit https://www.facebook.com/angelspizzapastacombo. Follow @angelspizzaph on Instagram and Twitter for more promos and updates.