Review: A new taste of horror in @regalfilms' #Resureksyon now showing

We all love a good scare sometimes. Regal Films and Reality Entertainment brings a new taste of horror featuring vampires in Resureksyon. Starring Isabelle Daza, Paulo Avelino, Jasmine Curtis-Smith, John Lapus and Raikko Matteo, Resureksyon is a movie about an OFW mother who was brought back to life and eventually evolved as a vampire infesting the town led by the Mayor (Nino Muhlach). Directed by Alfonso "Borgy" Torre III, the movie also stars Gee Canlas, Dan Fernandez and Alex Castro. I joined fellow bloggers watching the Resureksyon Premiere last night at Gateway Cinema attended by Isabelle Daza, Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Raikko Matteo. From the makers of Tiktik and Kubot (Mothership Inc.) with Direk Erik Matti's lead, Resureksyon presented a movie sure to bring screams in theaters. I may be too old to appreciate the technique of flickering screens with unimaginable scoring that made the perfect scare in each scene but it was for me a clear indication of progress in the Philippine horror movie genre. I loved the dim light creating the eerie atmosphere punctuated by minimal computer graphics interface to highlight the transformation of the beautiful Isabelle Daza into a monster. If you're planning to watch an entertaining movie without much thinking, this is a perfect scare for you. Direk Borgy being a protege of Direk Erik Matti employed the humor in between scenes throwing lines to tap the sensibilities of reality. That scene with a priest trying to convince Jasmine Curtis-Smith (Aila) to donate the money collected at the burial to the church was unforgettable. The imagination may be mocked to be real but the satire depicting our society's realities deserve an applause. If you love movies and how much effort is put into each frame of every scene, your jaws will drop at Resureksyon. I love the signature scenes of horror meeting comedy like those of the chase by both handsome policeman (Paulo Avelino) and doctor (Alex Castro). I've watched almost all the movies done by Reality Entertainment featuring the indigenous Filipino's culture of fear. I've been once again reminded how much faith and religion lead us all to believing in aswangs, monsters and vampires in the middle of technology and science. It's your chance to experience the progress of the country's culture of horror movies in Resureksyon. It's our own brand of fear and we should wake up, pick up lessons of realities in midst of fantasies and horrors we have also created all these years. Watch Resureksyon now showing in cinemas nationwide. For more information, please visit, and follow @regalfilms on Twitter and Instagram for more updates.