Event: Ryan Christopher launches debut album under Ivory Music and Video

The Filipino music industry needs to evolve. I do agree with Ryan Christoper, a new Stages Talent who launched his debut album under Ivory Music and Video last Sept. 16 at Max's Restaurant Quezon City. Ryan is a 21 year old model, musician and songwriter behind the song Mr. Sun, an acoustic feel-good song creating a buzz over the airwaves. 
He was raised in the US and moved back to his family despite the greener pastures abroad. Although the songwriters are paid better than singers abroad according to him, he still prefers the respect of fellow Filipinos. Ryan sang a few songs from his album and he admitted that some of his friends said he may not be an excellent singer but he loves music. 
It was those moments he was grounded by mom and guitar was the only thing left. He played with it for hours until he learned to create his own music and started writing songs. What was amazing about Ryan as a musician is that all songs in his album are all original.
His genre of music may not be familiar but it is sure extraordinary. Ryan has that distinct passion in music and he is set to just keep going regardless of the networks monopolizing the market. Tracks include Lovelight, So I Guess, Hey You, Mr. Sun, Little Lies and Dreams. The debut EP released by Ivory Music and Video is now available in major record stores and on iTunes, Spotify, Guvera, Deezer, Rdio, Amazon Music and Spinnr.ph. Visit https://www.facebook.com/ivorymusicandvideophilippines for more updates.