Event: Ghosts, elections, Jabidah Massacre and more learning experiences at Podcast.PH with Martin Andanar, Benjie Felipe and Deah Ricacho

We need to rewrite history and relearn what we all know what happened. It was an unforgettable Friday night having a casual conversation with Podcast.PH's Martin Andanar, Benjie Felipe and Deah Ricacho with fellow bloggers. The patriot in me was once again resurrected when TV5 Manila anchor/journalist/podcaster Martin Andanar shared his own discovery of how he loved our country with his passion to broadcast via podcast.ph legendary figures of history. It is his quote from former President Fidel Ramos to never forget to live leaving a legacy for the future generation that brought out the vigilant in me. He shared to us his passion to put up his own broadcasting company which he started in Podcast.PH
Podcasting is not quite popular according to Martin because Pinoys love visuals but those who hates reading enjoy audio documentaries. Podcast.PH immortalizes luminaries in Philippine history especially on his Martin's Mancave, a podcast one-on-one interview with the country's top personalities. Martin does the interview on his own efforts and money and eventually gained the respect of fellow podcasters in the country. Podcast.PH also has Real Crime, a 2-3 minute podcast of real crime stories in the Philippines and Asian Region.
Dreamscope by Benjie "TsongkiBenj" Felipe is the 2nd original show produced by Podcast.PH about dreams, horoscope and mysterious recesses of the unconscious mind. Real Ghost Hunt is a show on real ghost huntings of the Podcast.PH hosted by Deah Ricacho. The George Review is a motoring show by George Apacible also on Podcast.PH. Finally, Dear Bayaw is a sex advice show with a tinge of comedy answering real life sex problems hosted by Jun Sabayton. Podcast.PH has so much content also available on iTunes, SoundCloud and other formats you can download for free. Simply visit www.podcast.ph and make history as it gives you more ideas to change the world. It is indeed time to be awaken and it just might be what you need to ace that conversation anywhere. Thank you sir Martin Andanar, sir Benjie Felipe and Mam Deah Ricacho. I have learned a lot from the meetup talking about ghosts, Jabidah massacre, the sultan if Sulu, Ninoy and how to spot ghosts in any space. Find them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/podcastph and follow @podcast.ph on Twitter and Instagram for more updates.