Blemish away after 7-Day Skin Challenge @onlybyellens

Okay so I can't completely be skin perfect but at least I can get some of those unwanted whiteheads and blackheads without paying so much money on facial. If you're like me who hardly have the time to schedule a facial at least once a month, this might just be your best option. I was sent a 7-Day Skin Challenge pack complete with Collagen Soap, Miracle Whitening Cream and Advance White Cream by Ellens Skin Care.
Since I didn't have time to visit the clinic for facials, blackheads and whiteheads were popping out of my skin. I started using the collagen soap on the first day right after work. Like what they usually say, do not ever sleep without washing your face. Before sleeping I used the Miracle Whitening Cream on my forehead and other parts of the face.
I used the Advance White Day Cream after shower every morning before putting my makeup. Three days after, I felt a bit tingle on some parts of my cheeks but I didn't mind because it wasn't painful and it didn't give any discolorations. I've noticed the texture of my face getting softer and the pores getting smaller.
On the seventh day, my skin was already comfortable since I've regularly used all three products. Unlike some popular skin whitening products my friends are familiar with, Ellen's Skin Care creams and soaps are subtle and gentle on the skin. The results may vary because my type of skin is one that's considered a combination of dry and oily on the face. It will not leave an instant permanent change of skin color like the others but it will surely impress you with its ability to remove some of the skin marks you want removed. I'm happy with how it removed my whiteheads leaving my skin squeaky smooth and supple. Thank you Ellens Skin Care and I will definitely use the products from now on. Give it a try. It may just be the reason to get that job you need to succeed. Visit or visit and follow @onlybyellens on Instagram on Twitter for more updates.