Hopia, Siopao and what we can learn from Arnell Ignacio's lovelorn

Labels are for cans but Pinoys continue to  redefining and adding meanings to words already familiar to us. Watching Startalk on GMA7 network last Saturday led me to reminisce old heartbreaks and remember the new vocabulary on social media. This is the day and age people refer emotions to food e.g. ampalaya (for bitterness), hopia (hopeless romantics), siopao (lovelorn and unrequited love). It was particularly the story of the breakup of Arnell Ignacio and upcoming singer Ken Psalmer. We are all familiar with Arnell Ignacio who rose from the music scene and comedy bars to being a successful entrepreneur. From the interviews of Startalk, the whole picture was a clear SIOPAO story and I have all the sympathy for Arnell reflecting on my own experience. He was in love and he was clueless of what will happen. When your intentions are pure because you're in love, you simply give in to your heart's desires. No matter how hard you try to control your emotions, there is no guarantee in love. We don't know Ken Psalmer but a friend of mine said he's been in the comedy bar business for quite a long time. He must've developed a sense of entitlement because of his confidence in his looks. Showbiz isn't just for the talent. Without x-factor, it is always a hit-or-miss or a one-hit-wonder when opportunity knocks. The Startalk interview on Aug.1 showed so much pain in Arnell and an indifferent Ken. The less popular involved showed no remorse of what he had done although he recognized Arnell in pain. He kept defending he had done everything before they were together which clearly was in contradiction to the statement of the person in pain. Regardless of any circumstance of each side of the story, Ken should've made more efforts to reach out. If we have hurt any person, although unaware, we should always make more efforts to make amends. I have met a similar character and also fell in love. Deep in my heart, I wanted to express my pain. For many people, it is labeled closure but it does not feel the same. Some siopao stories need no closure. We meet people not by accident. They are either an experience to cherish or a life lesson. It does not feel a lesson unless I am able to say everything I wanted to say. Recent movies of Star Cinema always said unless you're happy, it's not yet the ending. Maybe we are all anticipating for an ending to move on. I hope the two will make amends like I hope I can with mine. Love is simply giving and until we learn to simply swallow what got stuck in the mouth and the heart, we wouldn't be able to describe how it feels. Between love and food, today I'd choose food. I maybe one siopao but I'll definitely learn from the story. Again, when pain in love is the issue, we should avoid labels.