Event: Second chances in love with #JMDeGuzman as #AlbertMartinez in #AllOfMe

Fantasies can come true in #AllOfMe starting Monday #KapamilyaGold Aug31. If there is a second chance at love, we'll go and grab it. JM De Guzman returns to teleserye in ABS-CBN's newest romantic drama "All Of Me". With the stellar cast featuring Angel Aquino, Yna Raymundo, Neri Naig, Ana Capri, Micah Munoz, Jordan Herrera, Sue Ann Ramirez, Arron Villaflor, Yen Santos, Albert Martinez and introducing Akira Morishita, JM De Guzman plays Manuel, a doctor who'll have to fulfill his promise to a fairy to eventually gain freedom.
I joined fellow bloggers and media attending the special screening of the initial episodes last night and I must say, it went beyond my expectations. The production design was impeccable and the period drama scenes were flawless. The quality of the scenes will make you feel like watching a movie of grand production. The young Manuel played by Akira Morishita left me in awe at lessons left by Dr.Vicente (Jaime Fabregas). It was Albert Martinez as the elder Manuel breaking into tears like we have not seen him before when he loses wife (Diana) Yna Raymundo from cancer. 
The memory of his wife Liezl may still be fresh that his performance left us all sobbing with him. Yna Raymundo (Diana) will leave Manuel with parting words that'll set him free to love an immature yet sincere woman (Lena played by Yen Santos). I loved the scenes of Albert and Yen that set screams throughout the theater. The backdrop of the secluded island made it all a perfect romantic place to find love.
Aarron Villaflor playing the best man of Manuel inserts a circumstance of the third wheel. The story was exciting edge-of-your-seat type of romance with the perfect blend of comedy in between. All Of Me is one teleserye that will melt your heart and make you believe in love all over again. What will happen to Manuel after the condition given by the fairy? I am already excited how he'll face Lena with a younger face and body. Directed by Dondon Santos, All Of Me is one teleserye you should not miss. Let's all start posting memorable quotes from Manuel starting August 31 Monday on ABS-CBN Kapamilya Gold. For more information, visit All Of Me on Facebook here.