Event: Lessons on cross-cultural dating in #KanoLuvsPinay Sept5 9pm on #tv5manila

What makes a Filipina the most sought-after lover? We're about to find out why #KanoLuvsPinay on Sept.5 9pm at TV5 Manila. Starring Lee O'Brien as Matthew and Tuesday Vargas as Cookie, we'll all marvel at how a Filipina keeps a relationship with an American. I joined fellow bloggers attending the media screening of Kano Luvs Pinay at TV5 Media Center last Wednesday with the whole cast Buboy Garovillo, Ces Quesada, Wilma Doesnt, Kiki Baento, Chok Chok Venida, Jelson Bay, Martin Escudero, Eula Caballero, Lee O'Brien and Tuesday Vargas.
The Q and A became romantic with screams everytime Lee O'Brien mentions his true lover Pokwang as the inspiration for his character. During the screening of the dirst episode, it was difficult to contain laughter from beginning to end. I'll definitely get hooked. The press had a chance to play a scene along the main cast. I love the character of Kadyo (Jelson Bay) being the sly bodyguard and the lisping friend Girlie (Kiki Baento). Each character was hilarious sending the crowd to burst in laughter everytime.
Unitel Productions and TV5 Manila offer a happy cross-cultural romance comedy TV series sure to get the whole family enjoy Saturday nights in Kano Luvs Pinay. I love the screenplay, the lines and the characters of Kano Luvs Pinay starting Sept.5 at 9pm on TV5Manila. For more information, please visit http://www.tv5.com.ph/ and http://www.unitel.ph/