Event: Forgiving and the new relationship status at #TheLoveAffairBloggersCon

One wise man once said, "Life becomes easier when you learn to accept the apology you never got". I woke up with this quote and the thought kept haunting me even at the Star Cinema's The Love Affair Bloggers Conference today at ABS-CBN. With Ms. Vanessa Valdes, director Nuel Naval, Bea Alonzo, Richard Gomez and Ms. Dawn Zulueta, I've learned to appreciate the value of acceptance and a deeper understanding of love and forgiving.
My co-teachers, family and friends have all planned to watch this film not just because of the infinite romantic moments between Richard and Dawn but the surprising lines from the trailer that promises an excellent narrative. Bea Alonzo also shared how she is still excited about the #ChardDawn loveteam and it isn't a wonder why. The two have exuded a delightful working relationship even after their real-love-gone-sour romance in the 90s.
During the bloggers conference, I've laughed so hard at every time Richard will butt in the responses of Dawn. Ms. Vanessa Valdes was even asked by Bea Alonzo which character from which movie she related much. It was those moments of adulation to these stars and their lines in the movie that I've started reflecting on my own repressed emotions. 
I will not forget what Richard had said about forgiving and how Dawn reacted to his responses. Apparently, Richard never sought forgiveness from Dawn to which Dawn eventually understood. She was adorable and sensitive understanding that Richard had probably forgotten what he had done to break her heart. Richard said he has selective memory and maybe my ex had the same thoughts because we still manage to work together like they do.
Bea mentioned she learned so much from her character that she started talking to her own mom about relationship problems. I have grown more excitement about the film learning more life and love lessons from the cast and the creative team of The Love Affair today. How did Patricia (Dawn Zulueta) have that chance to cheat Vince (Richard Gomez)? Was it purely revenge that brought Vince to get into an affair with Addie (Bea Alonzo)? Why did Vince say "Masaya" when asked "Ano ba tayo?" Let us all find out the love story of Patricia, Vince and Addie in Star Cinema's The Love Affair showing on August 12 at all cinemas nationwide. Maybe I don't need closure after all these years. Maybe he never sought forgiveness because he had also forgotten. For more info, please visit starcinema.com.ph and like https://www.facebook.com/StarCinema. Follow @starcinema on Instagram and Twitter for more updates.